How To Assemble a Redwood Picnic Table with Separate Benches


#1: Here is what your Redwood Picnic Table with separate benches looks like when it arrives. Cut away all the plastic.


#2: Next, remove the cardboard (and the staples holding it to the benches). Then, lift the

benches off and set them aside until your redwood picnic table is assembled.

#3: This is the packing crate that kept your redwood picnic table safe in transit. It has been

screwed down onto a pallet for shipping purposes. If you want, use this crate to serve as a

“workbench” on which to assemble your redwood picnic table and keep it from getting


#4: In this picture taken while your redwood picnic table was being wrapped, you will notice a

small bundle of screws and bolts wrapped in plastic. It is highlighted with a red circle. Remove

this and set aside for the moment. You will need ALL of the bolts and EIGHT of the screws to

assemble your table.

#5: Here are the tools you will need: two 1/2 inch wrenches (we prefer one socket wrench and

one closed-end wrench), a hammer, and a phillips head screwdriver (either electric or manual, as

the picture shows).

#6: On both ends of your redwood picnic table you have a piece of wood marked as a BRACE.

Take the single screw out that held each of them down during shipping. It is highlighted in the

picture with a red circle.


#7: There are two more screws to remove out of the pieces we call CROSSBOARDS, although

they are not marked as such with chalk as the braces are. They are highlighted in the picture by

red circles.

#8: Now you are ready to start assembling your redwood picnic table! All of the boards should

be unattached.


#9 & 10: These pictures show you what your table will look like when completely assembled.

Both ends of the table are identical. The pieces are clearly marked so you cannot assemble it

wrong. This is not hard!


#11: Before starting, be aware that in attaching the legs, it is sometimes necessary to get the

bolts into the pre-drilled holes with the hammer, but not always. It just depends on how tight

the wood is. NOTE: each bolt has two WASHERS. One washer goes on each side, as you can see

by looking at the dierent pictures. These are necessary to hold your table together properly.

#12: Attach leg A-1 with two bolts as shown. Tighten down -rmly. Some pieces of rewood are

softer than others and the washers will sink down into the wood. That’s normal. You don’t want

your table wobbly and you can always tighten the bolds more later if any legs become loose.

#13: Attach leg A-2 the same way.


#14 & 15: The -rst picture shows the piece of wood (the “A” piece) which is your CROSSBOARD for

the “A” side. It’s ready to lift up and bolt into place. The second picture (#15) shows it bolted on


#16: The -nal piece to attach is the BRACE. Select the BRACE marked “A” and make sure the end

marked DOWN is pointing down to the underside of the table. Attach it with four screws. The

screw holes are pre-drilled and indicated with red circles in the picture. Be sure to align the

pre-drilled holes in the BRACE with the pre-drilled holes in the CROSSBOARD and in the

UNDERSIDE OF THE TABLE. After you screw these down -rmly, you have completed one side of

your table.


You are now ready to turn the table right side up and enjoy it! Lift it out of the packing crate (if

you haven’t done so already) and place it, along with the benches, wherever you wish to use it.

Because redwood has rot-resistant qualities, you should be able to have many years of use from

your redwood picnic table.