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  Redwood Logs at our Local             Lumber Mill


   Ask for ADA Picnic Tables

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      Redwood  Lumber  Mill

 We hand-pick the boards!
Redwood Lumber

         "Saint Patrick's Day Sale"                                                 
         $50  Off per Order                                    

               SALE  ENDS:  March 17, 2017         

                    Email Your Order To:

CALL...707-442-8101 For your traditional picnic tables made of redwood harvested from new-growth sustainable forests in Northern California.

Redwood Lumber

Four Foot Table
Four Foot Table

Eight Foot Table
Eight Foot Table

Six Foot Flower Bench
Six Foot Flower Bench

Five Foot Table
Five Foot Table

Five Foot Separate Benches 
Table with Separate Benches

Comes in 5, 6, and 8 Foot Lengths




Six Foot Table
Six Foot Table

Request an Umbrella Hole
ADD $20.00 per Table

Wood prices are subject to change without notice. 


Full payment is due before we ship your Picnic Table.  We accept PayPal: call us for more information.

CALL FOR YOUR SHIPPING QUOTE 707-616-5075 OR...707-442-8101

Pay to the order of: JESSE   MORRIS
                                 1655 J Street
                                 Eureka CA 95501



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